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We specialise in Corporate Immigration Law and Global Mobility

Corporate Immigration Law

Holm/Thomsen Law advises both businesses and individuals on all aspects of immigration law.

The need for global mobility within the work force in Denmark these years has never been higher. This has explicitly been said – Denmark needs to attract highly qualified workers.

The rules on corporate immigration does however not always meet the intension since there are not just one intension – there is also a need to protect the Danish workforce and avoid social dumping.

Therefore, the immigration rules within corporate immigration are not as simply as such and global mobility creates a need for highly qualified counselling, often within different legal areas as well.

Holm/Thomsen Law advice you on both the different schemes for work permits, but also on the possible work permit exemption, such as i.a. the fitter rule, exemptions for musicians or artists and professional athletes. Further, we advise you on compliance with the rules and whether a work permit is required, or you can enter on a business visa.

Holm/Thomsen Law offers high-quality legal counselling on all aspects of Corporate Immigration Law, i.a.:

  • Work and residence permit for employees and accompanying family member whether it is according to:
    • The fast track scheme,
    • The pay limit scheme,
    • The positive list, or
    • As researcher
  • The fitter rule
  • Business visa
  • Other work permit exemptions
  • EU free movement regulation