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We are a purpose-driven Law Firm. Ensuring diversity inclusion freedom in Global Mobility.

Purpose-driven business and Law Firm

Holm/Thomsen Law has evolved from a desire to deliver exceptional and strategic legal counselling on global mobility to both businesses and individuals, covering all aspects of immigration law no matter the intended duration of your stay, or whether your rationale for leaving your home country is due to work, family or to seek protection. Further, we find it important to provide legal counselling not just on immigration aspects, but also on the relevant international family and inheritance laws that come with global mobility.

We strive to ascertain a decision that follows the rule of law principle, has taken appropriate consideration to Danish administrative law and international human rights laws, and that has focused on the protection of non-discrimination and the principle of equal treatment. This dedicated focus has evolved from our own international experience of global mobility, and our interest in persons with different ethnic backgrounds and history. From this viewpoint, we are deeply committed to offering professional counselling within Immigration law, nationality and citizenship law, national and international family and inheritance law.