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Helle Holm Thomsen

Attorney (High Court Approved)

Helle Holm Thomsen founded Holm/Thomsen Law in 2023. She was formerly a partner in Advokatkompagniet.

Helle has over 20 years of international experience and expertise in immigration and family law. She has highly specialised knowledge of international family and inheritance law, particularly in the context of international relocation, which typically triggers complex family and inheritance legal issues which need to be addressed.

Helle combines the above with broad experience advising on other immigration law, within both corporate and non-corporate/private contexts, including work permits, business visas, family reunification, permanent residence permits, asylum and citizenship. As a top on to this her great insights into human rights law also comes as an asset in some of these cases.

Helle has advised many highly qualified foreign workers who required assistance with first time applications, extension applications or permanent residency in Denmark, alongside clarity around other family law matters, for example relating to jurisdiction, wills or marital agreements, ensuring the best approach to meet the foreign nationals’ needs, notwithstanding their relocation.

She has handled many different types of citizenship matters, including proof and preservation of Danish citizenship for Danes born abroad, the ”Princess Rule” and reacquisition of Danish citizenship.

Helle has a large network of international immigration lawyers through her membership of AILA, EILN and IBA, ensuring a global perspective and 360 degree approach to any client request.

Similarly, she has many years of counselling experience within family law from the former State Administration, Aarhus Retshjælp (Legal Aid Aarhus) and the wider legal industry. She assists with matrimonial issues arising when entering into marriage (e.g. drafting a marital agreement or a will) or dissolution (e.g. assistance with separation, divorce and division of property). In addition, she also advises and assists in matters of custody and visitation, including cross-border jurisdictional issues.

Helle prioritises having an attentive dialogue with her clients and is committed to ensuring her clients expectations are exceeded at every opportunity.

Holm/Thomsen Law advises both businesses and individuals on all aspects of immigration law. The need for global mobility within the work force in Denmark has never been higher with increasing recognition of the need for Denmark to attract highly qualified workers. In spite of this, the rules around corporate immigration present complexities in addressing competing intentions, including the need to protect the Danish workforce.

Holm/Thomsen Law has the expertise to advise which work permit schemes are applicable, and available exemptions, including the fitter rule (exemptions for musicians, artists and professional athletes), ensuring a comprehensive understanding of and compliance with the rules and regulations.

Language skills:

  • Scandinavian languages
  • English
  • French (Basic)

Positions of trust/memberships:


  • Education: Master of Law 2004
  • Law studies at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (2002)
  • The Danish State Administration, Northern Jutland (2004)
  • CEO, Aarhus Retshjælp (2016)
  • Advokatkompagniet, Attorney (2007-2015)
  • High Court Approval (2019)
  • Advokatkompagniet, Partner (2016-2022)
  • Clemens Law, Senior Attorney (2022-2023)