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Where to find us in Denmark - Copenhagen, Aarhus


Located in the heart of Copenhagen, we proudly serve the vibrant capital city’s diverse legal needs. We share a collaborative office environment with lawyers in other fields outside our direct area of expertise, but also within our area of expertise to meet your needs for both high quality work within our area of expertise and outside our direct area of expertise.

Holm/Thomsen Law CPH
Njalsgade 21F, 1. Sal
2300 København S


Holm/Thomsen Law extends services to the city of Aarhus, offering consultations to clients seeking expert legal guidance in this thriving region. Our Aarhus office is a Virtual office space meaning we will only be available at this location for scheduled consultations.

Holm/Thomsen Law AAR (Virtual Office)
The House
Ryesgade 8
8000 Aarhus C